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System website links

The table below provides links to the GODAE OceanView system website.

General information: Provides general information about the forecasting system (home page)
Technical descriptions: Provides information about the system set-up
Viewing service: Allows to view forecast, analyses and hindcast data.

Viewing service: Renalayses Directory

SystemWeb Sites
BLUElink>Technical description
Viewing service
Product specification: OceanMAPS2.0_OFAM2_data-product-specification_rev03.000
General info/technical description (Renalysis)
CONCEPTSSystem output
Technical description
Viewing service (Viewing service for system products will be accessible by WMS, e.g. www.meteocentre.com/plus (under CMC experimental tab).
ECCO-GODAEGeneral information
Additional viewing service
ECMWFGeneral information
Technical Description (ORAS4)
Technical Description (NEMOVAR)
Viewing service: Real-time ocean analysis
Viewing service: Renalaysis
Viewing service: Renalayses directory (Hamburg EasyInit server)
FOAMGeneral information
Technical description
Viewing service (MyOcean)
HYCOM/NCODAGeneral information
Viewing service
INDOFOSGeneral information and viewing service
MercatorGeneral information ; http://marine.copernicus.eu/
Technical information
Viewing service
MFSGeneral information
Technical description
Viewing service (MyOcean)
MOVE/MRI.COMGeneral description
Viewing service (in Japanese)
Viewing service (NEAR GOOS data base, JMA products)
NLOM/NCOMViewing service NLOM
Viewing service NCOM
NMEFCGeneral description (Chinese)
Viewing service
REMOGeneral information
RTOFSGeneral information
Data access
Technical information (North Atlantic)
Technical information (North Pacific)
TOPAZGeneral information
Technical information
Viewing service (MyOcean)