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Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas TT


The Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT)

deals with scientific issues in support of multidisciplinary analysis and forecasting of the coastal transition zone, as well as shelf/open ocean exchanges in relation with the larger-scale efforts. The specific objectives include:

  • In the continuation of the GODAE CSSWG, discuss and promote the uses of GODAE OceanView products and results for coastal ocean forecasting systems and for coastal applications in a wider community.
  • Discuss and foster integration of the varied routine sources of information in coastal ocean forecasting systems: large-scale forecasts, satellite observations, coastal observatories, etc.; discuss and support the development of coastal observing systems in terms of science and technology.
  • Discuss the key physical and biogeochemical processes which have the greatest impact on modeling and forecasting quality and their utility for applications; this includes validation and forecast verification.
  • Discuss and promote state-of-the-art methodology such as two-way coupling, unstructured-grid modeling, downscaling, data assimilation, array design.




COSS-TT Workshops

Workshop 2012 (Miami,USA)

Workshop 2013 (Lecce, Italy)

Workshop 2014 (Puerto Rico)

Workshop 2015 (Lisbon)

Meeting 2017 (Cape Town)

Meeting 2018 (Madrid)


COSS-TT Topical Collections

Topical Collection 1 (2015/16) for publication in Ocean Dynamics

Topical Collection 2 (2018/19) for publication in Ocean Dynamics


COSS-TT systems information

System Information Table (xls-file)

System Information update (web/html) - May 2014

The COSS-TT is coordinated and led by two co-chairs, Pierre De Mey, LEGOS, France and Villy Kourafalou, University of Miami/RSMAS, USA. Their contact information can be found on the Contacts page.