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COSS-TT Topical Collection

GODAE OceanView Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT)

COSS Topical Collection on Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science – I

Call for Papers


The following information is also downloadable as pdf.


Deadline for submissions of Topical Collection manuscripts for publication in Ocean Dynamics has now closed.


Call for papers

Within GODAE OceanView (GOV) the international Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS‐TT) aims to consolidate the foundation and support the advancement of coastal ocean forecasting science, systems, and applications. The main goal and central mission of the COSS‐TT is to work within GOV, and in coordination with the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), towards the provision of a sound scientific basis for sustainable multidisciplinary downscaling and forecasting activities in the world’s coastal oceans.

By means of three successful International Coordination Workshops (Miami, 2012; Lecce, 2013; Puerto Rico, 2014) and by sponsoring several sessions in international conferences, the COSS‐TT has initiated the consolidation of a broad coastal scientific community around the main disciplines of physics and interactions between physical and biogeochemical processes.

The COSS-TT invites attendees of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 workshops, as well as members of the COSS community and mailing list, colleagues and students to submit articles on eligible topics for publication in a COSS Topical Collection on Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science to appear in Ocean Dynamics.


Eligible topics

Manuscripts are expected to relate to “science in support of coastal ocean forecasting systems” in the world coastal oceans (in particular systems run by COSS community members).

The specifically targeted topics are those more particularly covered in the 2012, 2013, and 2014 workshops:

  • Advances in integrated, multi-platform, long-term monitoring of physical, geochemical and biological parameters in coastal regions and coastal observatories
  • Development of fine-scale coastal ocean models
  • Downscaling the ocean estimation problem from large-scale and regional-scale to coastal-scale models, data and forcings, including coastal data assimilation

⚪ Methods for assessment and validation of coastal ocean forecasting systems

⚪ Regional and coastal array design

⚪ Advances in downscaling approaches

⚪ Advances in data assimilation and predictability in coastal ocean forecasting systems

  • Coastal-scale atmosphere / waves / upper ocean couplings
  • Ecosystem response to the physical drivers
  • Probabilistic approaches and risk assessment in the coastal ocean

⚪ Probabilistic forecasting of extreme events and their consequences

⚪ Impact and signature of climate change in the coastal oceans

⚪ Science in support of the mitigation of coastal hazards

  • Science in support of applications in coastal oceans.

A manuscript can combine several topics.

Review papers on those topics are very welcome.

In case of doubt regarding eligibility, please contact the TC editors shown at the bottom of this announcement prior to submitting.


Submission guidelines

This first COSS Topical Collection is primarily (but not uniquely) meant to gather contributions of the first three COSS-TT workshops. The call will stay open until 30 June 2015, i.e. 2 months before our 4th workshop in Lisbon in order to leave time for reviews and revisions.

COSS Topical Collection papers will be published in Ocean Dynamics as soon as they become ready for publication. A Topical Collection is not the same as a classic Special Issue: manuscripts are published as they get ready, but are marked as belonging to the TC. Authors do not have to wait for publication until the last paper gets ready as would be the case with a classic Special Issue.

All papers must be original contributions, not previously published or under review for publication elsewhere. All contributions must be written in English and must follow the Instructions for Authors on http://www.springer.com/earth+sciences+and+geography/oceanography/journal/10236 .

Manuscript can be submitted to Ocean Dynamics via the ODyn Editorial Management System ( http://www.editorialmanager.com/odyn/default.asp). In order for their manuscript to be considered for the Topical Collection, authors need to choose "Topical Collection – GODAE-COSS" in the drop down “Article Type” menu of the EM System.


Publication of TC papers:

TC papers are published in regular issues of Ocean Dynamics as they get ready. (They are marked with "This article is part of the COSS Topical Collection" or similar so can be recognised as belonging to one TC.) Manuscripts submitted earlier get published earlier.


Closing of TC:

Manuscripts submitted to Ocean Dynamics after the TC is closed can no longer be considered for the TC. However, previously submitted TC manuscripts will continue the editorial process until the final decision.


The COSS Topical Collection editors

Pierre De Mey [email protected]
Emil Stanev [email protected]